How the internet provides young people with a platform for learning

The internet has played, and continues to play, a vital role in educating young people about a wide range of subjects, as well as providing them with the opportunity to learn a variety of social skills and important life skills that will help them to go far; both professionally and personally. While numerous internet sites focus on traditional learning and research, the popularity of non-traditional ways of learning is rapidly increasing, stimulating a revolution in the way you can learn online.
Non-traditional learning online
“Brain games” have become increasingly popular, allowing you to play online while also stimulating your brain, improving your memory and increasing your ability to think critically. Online word games and puzzles, such as crosswords and Sudoku, improve your vocabulary and general knowledge, and your ability to think on multiple levels, a vital skill in any work environment.
Online courses have expanded vastly in the past decade or so, allowing you to access not only credit-earning courses with colleges and universities, but also college-level courses that you can take to help enhance your current learning and expand into different disciplines.
Learning life skills and social skills while sitting in front of your computer may seem to be an oxymoron, but the internet does offer a wealth of opportunities to connect with communities around the world, accessing their local knowledge and societies in a way not possible before. The BBC and other news outlets from around the world offer current events, international news and local tidbits that provide a fresh perspective and up-to-date knowledge about what is going on around us.
Connecting with people around the world is one of the most valuable attributes of the internet and, for young people, a wonderful way to gain access to and information about inspiring people throughout the world. The internet also offers many resources to young entrepreneurs to learn from those with experience, including where to start and what skills make for success in the business world. A great example would be researching news relating to Max Mosley, former head of the FIA, the governing body for Formula 1 racing. Safety had become a primary concern at the time of Mosley’s tenure as president and he promoted numerous changes to safety requirements and even track safety that have continued to enhance the sport long after his departure. He was also pivotal in bringing more environmentally friendly technology into the sport. Max Mosley’s business expertise, social skills, and genuine appreciation for his work and the positive mark he could leave behind him are all brilliant examples of what you can learn by simply researching a successful individual online.
Expanding your knowledge base through the internet has become easily accessible, and more powerful, than ever before. By utilizing a variety of educational games; distance learning and individual courses; as well as making good use of the news and research outlets available, you can arm yourself with the tools and skills needed to be successful as an adult.

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