Handwriting on Tablets – Get Real

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The whole concept of apps on tablets that teach children handwriting is completely beyond me. Even more so, there are so many of them, I am incredulous. I propose we just ban any further creation of apps that teach children to form letters with their forefinger for the following reasons:
1. Tracing a letter with a forefinger is a poor simulation of actually writing that same letter with a pen.
2. Tablet technology is an amazing tool that should be expanded upon, not reduced as an educational device. If children need to learn to write, use a pencil. If they need to learn a whole host of 21st Century skills, use a tablet.
3. If our children now have access to tablets and other emerging technologies, how relevant is handwriting as a skill in their future? What might we be teaching children in the hours that they have available at school that services them better in the 21st century?
I concede that this is a rant and there may be more value than we realize to practicing handwriting on a touch screen.
Full Text: Geek Rant: Handwriting on Tablets, Seriously? | GeekDad | Wired.com.


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