Free Webinar: Informal Learning Expert Jay Cross Joins Float July 13


As much as 95 percent of what we learn is done so informally, according to a leading expert.
Author and informal learning pioneer Jay Cross wrote in a May 2012 blog post that he believes improved connectivity has changed the ratio of informal to formal learning from 80/20 to 95/5, a statistic backed up by Industry Perspective panelist Josh Bersin. Jay expanded on this topic when he talked to Jeff Tillett at mLearnCon 2012.
“What I see happening in a lot of companies is that they finally, to my delight, embraced informal learning. The downside is they don’t know what to do about it,” he said, adding that there are all kinds of ways to support informal learning to make it better.
Jay said three to four years ago, he wasn’t excited about mobile. He didn’t see the use for it. But he had a different feeling coming out of mLearnCon 2012. “This has arrived, and there ain’t no question,” Jay said to Jeff. “Everybody better be on board or they’re gonna miss a train.”
Today’s technology allows us to enable and embrace informal learning in ways that were not possible before. Social media and mobile are a few of these technologies. For example, our circle of influence can now be global. We are no longer limited to those that are in the room or sharing a water cooler conversation. Even though learning can be a very personal experience, we can still share it with many.
Jay, who calls himself the Johnny Appleseed of informal learning, authored a book on the subject in 2006, will be joining us for our next free webinar in the Mobile Learning Conversations series focusing on the role of mobile devices in informal learning. The session will be hosted by Chad Udell, Jeff Tillett and Gary Woodill.
Full Text and Registration: Free Webinar: Informal Learning Expert Jay Cross Joins Us July 13: Float Mobile Learning.

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