Free open source Web content accessibility evaluator

AChecker is a free open source Web content accessibility evaluator used to assess Web pages for conformance with international accessibility standards.
The latest version, AChecker 1.1, has been released today.

This release adds a number of significant new features:

  • CSS Validator:
    Access the validity of external stylesheets, embedded stylesheets, and inline styles while evaluating the accessibility of a Web page.
  • Colour Contrast Evaluation:
    Ten new accessibility checks have been added to evaluate foreground and background colour contrast to ensure text is readable by everyone.
  • Paste HTML from Clipboard:
    Evaluators can now paste the source HTML of a Web page into AChecker to have it evaluated. This makes it possible to assess pages that are not accessible from the Web, such as those on an Intranet, or on a local personal computer.
  • Updater:
    Administrators can now keep their AChecker installation up to date in between releases with the AChecker Updater. The Updater lets them apply patches to fix bugs, to add new features as they become available, and to add new accessibility checks as they are created.

You can use the Public AChecker to evaluate your Web site:, or download AChecker to install a copy of your own:

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