Flipped Classrooms – They Work

Some have doubts about flipped classrooms, but at Clintondale High in Clinton Township, Michigan, they really have worked wonders. The principal Greg Green give us the stats below. They are impressive. They would be impressive in a high socio-economic area, but Greg’s school is not, so in my view this makes even more compelling reading.

Greg Green
Greg Green is the principal at Clintondale High School 

“At Clintondale High School, we have been using this education model for the past 18 months. During this time, our attendance rate has increased, our discipline rate decreased, and, most importantly, our failure rate – the number of students failing each class – has gone down significantly.  When we first implemented this model in the ninth grade, our student failure rate dropped by 33% in one year.
In English, the failure rate went from 52% to 19%; in math, 44% to 13%; in science, 41% to 19%; and in social studies, 28% to 9%. In September of 2011, the entire school began using the flipped instruction model, and already the impact is significant. During the first semester of the year, the overall failure rate at the school dropped to 10%. We’ve also seen notable improvement on statewide test scores, proving that students’ understanding of the material is better under this model.”
via My View: Flipped classrooms give every student a chance to succeed – Schools of Thought – CNN.com Blogs.

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