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Enterprise Learning! Conference & Expo

Enterprise Learning! Conference & Expo
Sept 25th -27th, 2012
Irvine Hyatt, Irvine, California

Call for Paper Submissions Accepted until May 1st, 2012

Enterprise Learning! Conference & Expo is singularly focused on helping executives build smarter organizations by leveraging learning and workplace technologies to IMAGINE.INSPIRE. INNOVATE. ELCE programs support employees, partners and customer performance across domestic and global enterprises. ELCE zeros in on your objectives and offers actionable steps you can use to bring drive results. As host of the exclusive learning and workplace technology marketplace, ELCE sessions must embrace strategies, tactics and solutions for attendees at all levels of the organization.

We are seeking conference proposals that address:

  • Strategy & Leadership
  • Best Practices and/or
  • Technology at Work

We are looking for innovative, creative, solutions oriented sessions that drive imagination, inspiration and innovation. Each session will be 45 minutes long and presented to a live, and possibly, virtual audience. We encourage you to submit your proposal regardless of format: case study, panel, or untraditional format.

Attendees are executive level decision-makers charged with building smarter organizations with learning & workplace technologies. They manage budgets up to $14 million annually, and have active learning initiatives. All proposals must aligned with ELCE theme and provide actionable content for real world buyers. Note: All Vendor sales pitches will be excluded from consideration. Potential topics may include:

  • The 21st Century Business Leader
  • Web 3.0 at Work
  • Social Learners: The Untapped Authorities
  • Learning Management Systems 3.0
  • Globalizing Talent Strategies
  • Big Data: Implications for Enterprise 2020
  • The Power of Games in Learning
  • The Secrets of Successful Virtual Learning Environments
  • Rapid & Good Authoring Solutions
  • Engaging Learners After the Lesson
  • Enterprise 2020: Driving Performance from NextGen Learners
  • Mobilizing Learning
  • Strategies to Build the Talent Pipeline
  • The Learning Technology Buying Team
  • How to Budget for Learning & Workplace Technologies
  • Lights! Camera! Action! Your Low Cost Video Production for Learning

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