Enabling the Classroom in the Cloud

When confined to physical classroom, many students have had the tendency to daydream beyond the standard four walls. While many a thought may have ventured to being up in the clouds, the concept of the classroom in the cloud actually has a very different meaning. In fact, as a result of leveraging the capabilities of cloud computing services students can now broaden their horizons both literally and figuratively.
A recent Alcatel-Lucent (News – Alert) white paper, A Classroom In The Cloud, explores this concept in depth. It highlighs the possibility of a new business model for educators that builds on the infrastructure of service providers to create an expansive new education platform where the sky is the limit. It is an approach that promises to reduce costs, improve engagement (a reduction in daydreaming) and can actively measure each student’s success — giving parents greater peace of mind.
Full Text: Enabling the Classroom in the Cloud.

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