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eLearning Simulations: Choose Your Own Adventure


Do you remember the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books you may have read when you were little?  Each decision you made would correspond with a page number in the book which you were supposed to immediately turn to.  Different decisions elicited different results.  A few weeks ago I published a blog post on Virtual Patient eLearning Simulations.  These simulations mimic real life experiences and have been a hot eLearning technique used by medical education associations for professional development.  This prompted me to think about and share how this realistic simulation method applies to eLearning outside of the medical realm.
Essentially, two basic types of courses exist in the eLearning world.  The first is a linear progression in which the learner clicks the next button to go thru a course page by page.  The other option is a scenario-based course in which choices and consequences help teach the learner in a more realistic manner.  While different methods work for different cases, building scenarios where the learner can actually put into practice what they are learning from the course can be a great way to reiterate course material.  So, here is a list of the top five reasons why scenario-based eLearning questions can be beneficial in your eLearning course:
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