Distance Learning – A Good Way of Helping Yourself to Learn

You work nights at a hospital. But for some reason you get this urge to venture out into a different career path away from the medical field. Since you need to hold down the hospital job to support yourself, your only option is to settle for distance learning. And why not?

Distance learning, or distance education, is the field of education that focuses on the andragogy and pedagogy, instructional systems, and technology designs that looks to deliver education to students who can’t be physically “on site”. The student and teacher relay lessons between each other at their own convenient time via a number of available methods.

For example, distance education is divided into two categories: synchronous and asynchronous. In synchronous, distance education makes use of video conferencing, telephones and web conferencing. Asynchronous on the other hand relays information through emails, audio cassettes, message board forums, voice mails, video cassettes, fax and print materials.

Here are some more examples.

o#Broadcast/Telecourse – the content is delivered via television or radio
o#CD-ROM – lessons are stored and sent to the student in a CD-ROM
o#Mobile learning – the student interacts with the lessons viewed through a wireless server or on a mobile device

The thing to do is make sure the school is accredited based on your state or country’s education standards before you enroll for a distance learning program. If you can do this, graduate from an accredited distance learning college, then you won’t have much problem finding employment later on.

Some people tend to have doubts when it comes to distance learning. They believe that the traditional method of education is still the way to go. There is no point of comparing both since they have their own advantages and disadvantages. What is important is that distance learning presents another option. If you are not able to go to class because of work or other situations, having this alternative means a world of difference, right?

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Author: Jeffrey Arcones
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