Design and Evaluation of Student-Focused eLearning

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Yongmei Bentley, Habte Selassie and Anjali Shegunshi (2012) Design and Evaluation of Student-Focused eLearning, Electronic Journal of e-Learning Volume 10 Issue 1 2012


Abstract: This paper reports on the design and evaluation of a UK University’s global eLearning MBA programme. The aims of the research were to investigate the learning experiences of the students on the course and to evaluate the effectiveness of the support system so as to improve the programme. The primary research method was a longitudinal semi-structured questionnaire survey, and data were collected from  students taking the course during the years 2008-2010. Three rounds of survey were conducted, resulting in 149 valid responses. The first round showed a fairly high level of student satisfaction with the programme, but also indicated areas that needed further improvement. The impacts of subsequent changes in the programme and the
learning support system were investigated in the second and third rounds of the survey. Feedback from these has helped develop additional changes in the learning content and delivery approach of the programme. Overall, the findings helped improve the course’s delivery approach, enriched the course’s content, enhanced its quality,
and improved the satisfaction level of the students. It is hoped that these findings can provide useful insights to course managers and eLearning developers of other courses offered in a global context.


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