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Today is a bittersweet day for us. On the bitter side of the spectrum is the news that Clipmarks and Amplify are shutting down. For those of you who don’t know, Clipmarks was one of the first Web services that gave users the ability to save and share portions of Web pages. Amplify, created by many of the same people, was a similar service that promoted a more social and collaborative version of the same concept. Clipmarks and Amplify were truly pioneers in the space that we are in, and we — as well as many others — are indebted to them for having paved such an important path.

On the sweet side, Clipboard is excited to continue to grow its user base by offering invitations to former Clipmarks and Amplify users. Look for this invitation in the email account that was linked to your previous Clipmarks or Amplify account. You’ll find that the underlying premise of the site is similar to Clipmarks and Amplify. We believe that Clipboard expands on those functions to bring you a more enhanced experience.

We are so excited to be expanding our community and we look forward to hearing your feedback about Clipboard. Happy Clipping!

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