Classroom learning, distance learning or e-learning? | atcrisk

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The general options these days are traditional classroom based learning, distance learning or the more modern e-learning. I have both experienced as a student and as a tutor all these methods, and firstly I have to say there is no real difference between distance learning and e-learning other than the use of a computer screen instead of a book. I was once told e-learning is the future of learning; however I expect this to realistically happen about the same time as I get my jetpack! I very much struggle learning from a box I spend most of my day looking at, and even with the “interactive” content of e-learning I find my attention slipping too easily. Tools such as smart phones and tablet PCs make the e-learning process easier, but I still believe that the attraction of spending even more time looking at the goldfish bowl of a computer screen not that appealing.

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