Cheating In An Online Environment: How To Prevent, Detect, & Deter Dishonesty

Hand with cheats written on it

Colleges and universities across the country are increasing their offerings of online courses as students and the general public demand greater access to higher education. One problem inherent in online education is the greater opportunity to cheat on quizzes, papers, and discussions. When students are not in the classroom, but on the other end of the Internet, they cannot be directly observed or monitored. This creates problems for students and professors as they struggle with maintaining the integrity of the course and seeking to ensure that all students do their own work and learn the selected material.
This webinar will briefly review the reasons behind the problem of online cheating and then offer practical information and tips to enhance learning, encourage honesty, and prevent these negative behaviors. Beginning with how to create a respectful learning environment, the webinar leader will present information that is being used across the country to benefit students and help instructors monitor progress and preserve the integrity of the course across different learning platforms.
Webinar: Thursday, September 20 ~ 1:00-2:30pm EDT
Full Text: Innovative Educators.

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