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How to convert plans and procedures to video and eLearning


Get rid of written content that no one reads or takes too long to reference and understand. Convert your message to a more dynamic and relevant format such as video or online eLearning, without spending a fortune. Read on if you want to update your plans and procedures or better communicate your message with suppliers, partners, staff, customers, and other stakeholders.
By the end of this article you will have a strategy and solution to converting old documents, plans and procedures to dynamic, content rich and informative videos to be used in isolation or as part of an eLearning suite.
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5 PowerPoint E-Learning Tips & A Free Template

One of the topics we cover in the eLearning workshops is how to quickly create templates to help move the eLearning courses out of that PowerPoint look.
At a previous workshop someone wanted to see how this was done so we created one quickly in class. I like to do these templates because they help bring out a few ideas.
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My Experience with Creating a Scenario-based Course: Part 3

In Part 1 of this blog series, I shared my experience about the content acquisition and analysis phase for creating a scenario-based course. In Part 2, I shared how I created a storyline and identified the critical steps in it and further started storyboarding and shared the introduction screen with you. When storyboarding for this course, the single most important thing for me was to keep it conversational and follow the actual lingo that the customer care representatives are supposed to follow.
The introduction screen helped us understand that Lisa was a new joinee in the team and she was about to take her first call. In the next screen, we need to show how she starts the call and what the customer issue was. I got this information by listening to the recorded calls and SME interviews.
Full article: My Experience with Creating a Scenario-based Course: Part 3 « Rapid eLearning | Adobe Captivate Blog.

How Pinterest Is Used In Distance Learning


Pinterest is a social networking website on which users can pin images as well as links on specific organized categories. One is able to organize information of their interest through Pinterest.
Instructors can use Pinterest to organize subjects they teach. They can upload and showcase past lectures. Since working in educational institutes that provide the option of distance learning can promote their programs, departments and the educational institute itself. The educational institute can pin information that will create interest and attract potential students. Such information could be research grants for discovering grounds on new found ideas.
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3 Tips for Better PowerPoint Workflow in Adobe Captivate

Creating a course using Microsoft PowerPoint and importing and enhancing it using Adobe Captivate is a very popular and useful workflow. There are cases where we can achieve smooth results if we follow some best practices when creating the eLearning course using PowerPoint. Of course there are best practices after importing it inside Captivate as well… 🙂 Let’s discuss how these can make a difference.
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The eLearning Guild : eBook: Instructional Design Tips

58 Tips

New from The eLearning Guild.
Instructional Design (ID) is — or at least should be — the foundation for effective eLearning. Whether you are new to ID or have been designing eLearning for a while, it’s easy to get stuck in certain ways of doing things. That’s when you need some new ideas!
This complimentary eBook draws on the ideas and experience of 14 ID experts who are leading sessions that are part of The eLearning Guild’s May 2012 Online Forum on “eLearning Instructional Design: Advanced and Breakthrough Techniques.” These tips, which will enhance the way you design eLearning, are organized into four general categories:

  • Research
  • Design
  • Development
  • Project management

Complete the form on the site to download the report.
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Free Tools for Media Creation & Editing

As a training developer, you’re no stranger to budget cuts. Companies everywhere are turning to e-learning and mobile learning as a solution to improve performance while cutting costs. But how do you create engaging, high-quality content for your online training courses? How can you make simple adjustments to images and recordings without having to spend thousands of dollars on a suite of products?
In this complimentary webinar, learn about 16 different free tools that can help you with your media creation and revision. Edit videos and vector graphics, mix audio tracks, sharpen your images, and record tutorials; all without spending a dime. Tools covered will include:

  • JayCut
  • Video Spin
  • The Aviary Suite of Tools
  • Audacity
  • GIMP
  • Jing
  • Kuler
  • Inkscape
  • More

The presenter will show all 16 tools and give a brief description on how they can be leveraged to create professional-quality assets for your online training courses. Join us for this 1-hour event and start using all of these products today without the need for permission from a budget committee.
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How to Clean up your WordPress Install

I’m doing some housekeeping on the site at the moment. You know the sort of thing, get rid of unused tags, removed auto-saved edits etc. It was getting tedious so I had a look to see if there was a plugin to do the job. WP CleanFix came to the rescue. I cleaned up what I was looking for and more, all in a few clicks. And it works with the latest version of WordPress. Excellent. Thanks to the author gfazioli.
Here’s what the WP Plugin Directory says about it:
WP CleanFix is a management tool for for check, repair, fix and optimize your WordPress blog. The Ajax interface allow to manage all status in one only page! Remember: This software is free. You don’t need to donate money to support it. Just talk about it.

  • CleanFix Tools
  • Extends HTML Editor: fontname, size, color, extra tags
  • Remove Frontend admin bar
  • Database Tables optimization
  • Check/Remove for unused UserMeta
  • Check/Remove for Post Revision and Trash
  • Check/Remove Auto Draft Posts
  • Check/Remove Edit Post Lock
  • Check/Remove for unused Post Meta
  • Check/Remove for unused Tags
  • Check/Remove/Relink for Posts without Authors
  • Check/Remove/Relink for Pages without Authors
  • Check/Remove for Attachments without Post/Page
  • Check/Remove for unused Categories
  • Check/Remove for unlink Categories (terms)
  • Check/Remove for unlink Categories Taxonomy
  • Check/Remove for unapproved and Trash comments
  • Check/Remove for spam comments
  • Find & Replace on Posts Content
  • Find & Replace on Comments Content
  • WordPress MU compatibility
  • English, French, German, Turkish, Hungarian and Italian Localization

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