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How Far e-Music has come in 30 years

As a new teacher in the 1980s Lisa Gabriel did battle with mono cassette recorders and wrote music on a banda machine or chalk board. e-Music did not exist. How times have changed. Lisa shares her journey over the last 30 years, using BBC-Bs, four track recorders, Amigas, Karaoke, PCs, Sibelius, Scorch, MP3s, the web, and Audacity amongst other things. Here is Lisa’s journey…

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Learn to Take Notes the Easy Way with EasyScript

As well as providing information about eLearning, we also provide eLearning.

We are pleased to have been chosen by EasyScript to work with them on providing eLearning options for their paper based courses. The courses should start coming on stream in the next 2-3 months.

If you would like to be one of our testers and get a free look at the courses please contact Carol Cooper-Taylor.

What’s Easyscript about, watch this movie and find out.