Backup the Hard Way or the Easy Way

Even when doing an online course it is still essential to backup your work. The excuse of “The dog ate my assignment” or perhaps more likely “My hard disk failed” doesn’t really cut the mustard with teachers anymore. Or even worse, you are the teacher and you’ve lost your copy of the assignment outline which was on you home computer that just got fried.

To save embarrassment then, you need to have your files backed up, all your files.



The hard way

Many people use the backup program that comes with their computer. Files are saved on to CD or DVD. This is perfectly OK as a solution if ….

  • You remember to backup regularly. Daily is needed or even twice daily to ensure you don’t lose too much effort. How much could you have typed in six hours?
  • You mark the CD/DVD with the dates of your backups so you know which one to put in when you need to restore.
  • You do a full backup once a week and incremental on the other days.
  • You keep a recent backup set in a different place to your computer. What happens if you are burgled or your house burns down?
  • You are an organised sort of person and can do all this stuff without fail.

You can make your life a little easier by using a a plug-in hard drive with its own backup software. This will ensure that the backups you set are done, but it doesn’t get away from the issue of what happens if you are burgled or your house burns down. So here is what I recommend.

The easy way

Get yourself some in the cloud backup. This means your backup is stored on a secure backup service over the internet. You can set what files to backup and how frequently. Then, so long as your computer is on, the backup is done. 

Here is a list of backup services:

Mozy (Recommended)
Windows | Mac
Get 2GB of Online Backup for Free or Unlimited Backup for only $4.95/Month! These are affiliate links.
This is the service I personally use and recommend. 
With the free 2GB you can try the service to see if it suits you or not before moving to the paid account. Get a free month with an annual plan or three free months with a biennial plan.

Windows | Linux | Mac
Lets you use it free for 30 days, then you need to move to a paid account or use the software to backup to a friend’s computer (if they also have the software installed). 
Provides unlimited storage but there is no monthly plan. 1, 2 or 3 year plans are available with 3 years providing good discounts if you want to sign up for that long initially. There are also family plans allowing all computers belonging to the family in the household to be backed up. 
Find out more >>>

Windows | Linux | Mac 
Offers a different pricing model, $2 + 15¢ per GB (1st 5 GB storage free). 30-day risk-free money back guarantee. Backup all your computers with only one monthly fee. Cheapest solution for those with low GB storage needs.
Find out more >>> 

Norton Online Backup 
Windows | Mac
A different model again, Norton offers 25GB of storage for $49.99/year which can be shared by up to 5 computers. You can try it free for 30 days.
Find out more >>>

There are lots of other services. Wikipedia has a comparison chart

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