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4 Ways Students Can Avoid Distraction While Studying on a Mobile Device

3771909922_b3654a6a0f_mWe all love being mobile. Especially anyone involved in online education. The fact that we can finish assignments and tune in to lectures from anywhere with an internet connection is pretty incredible, and it marks a turning point in the way students will pursue education in the future. But, the one drawback to having a mobile device is the fact that it can pose a huge amount of distraction when you truly need to buckle down and get some work done. There are plenty of ways, though, that students can hold on to their mobiles while staying focused. It just takes a little extra effort and some helpful tips. Continue reading

9 Ways Mobile is Moving into Academia

Mobile phones are ubiquitous among students, both in college and K-12. And while some schools shun the use of cell phones, others are embracing them as a powerful tool. Marketing, learning, and mobile access are just some of the ways academia is taking advantage of what mobile has to offer. Read on, and we’ll take a look at nine interesting ways that mobile devices are making their way into academia. Continue reading

Online Learning Technology – Delivering a New-Age Concept

In this new age learning that is greatly dominated by the digital revolution, chances are high that you will find two among every five students and professionals enrolled for an online program. Online learning in the age of 21st century joining hands with technological development has reached great heights in making education accessible and flexible for all. The integration of online learning technology has conveniently surpassed all borders and successfully battled the time and distance constraints in reaching everybody’s digital world. Distance learning courses in the new age of digital revolution has moved onto the online module without any absolute hassle.

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Prezi: Escaping the Powerpoint Grind

Most people, when faced with the possibility of giving a lesson, presentation or lecture, whip out PowerPoint – but how many PowerPoints can you say really caught your attention and engaged you? Prezi is a free, web-based presentation tool that enables the creation of engaging and creative presentations using a zoom-and-pan interface. It’s worth exploring for anyone who needs to communicate effectively with their students or audience. Continue reading

Online Learning System – Learning on the GO!

Learn at your own convenience and flexibility is the magical approach that has twisted the tale of distance learning in making it a learning mode acceptable by all. With time, came in new developments and innovations in the file do technology that had its impact of distance learning as well making it the online learning of today. This fascinating aspect of net based learning or online learning system that got attached with the concept of conventional distance learning allowed a smoother and more accessible approach of taking education at everybody’s doorstep.

Professionals and aspiring youth of today who always seeks to race ahead the others in the professional sector in this age of competition were certainly the ones who were benefited the most. However, the flexible mode of learning that has now gone online also held a benefiting approach for all who could not sustaining studying in a regular classroom for personal and professional reasons. A focus on the prospects of the professionals undoubtedly says that the implementation of online learning system in distance education offered special benefits for professionals who always sought career development and professional enhancement.

If developing your career path or professional journey is the main motto in life then, nothing other than an Online MBA can help you meet ends with your purpose. Now, you might ask me the reason being stressing on the online approach – well, the reason is simple online learning offers you the best platform to balance work and studies without affecting each other in purpose. Rather, delivering of knowledge via online learning system offers a platform where work and studies complement each other. Furthermore, this allows you to learn at your own pace, anywhere and any time by just logging in to the program.

The online program of MBA relying heavily upon e-learning, the base of tech-based learning allows you to reap on the positivity that the program offers. Learning management system like blackboard and other tech and communication tools allows for a better access at the top online MBA programs offered by various colleges and universities across the world. The implementation of online learning system at colleges and universities has also made connection and communication among students and institutes across the length and breadth of the world more flexible and accessible.

If, you wish to know more about the learning system software or the e-learning base that guides the road of this flexible learning mode, you can refer to the comprehensive page on Wikipedia. This page guides through the entire administration of online learning and tech-infused setting that have brought education within the grasp.

The efficacy of the flexible mode of learning that was questioned until some years back has effectively pulled through the hard times to see light under the influence of tech-infused learning. An online MBA in present age is offered equal value and worth in the 21st century professional sector and educational world to that of the traditional learning. After all, the course content and program curriculum stand on the same platform with only the mode of learning being different. Continuous exposure to online learning software has indeed lifted the standards of the course program that now offers an access to e-library and other communication tools making learning more effective.

An insightful report published at the Guardian on How to prepare for the e-learning journey by Lisa Johnson offers an effective approach on reaping benefits through online learning system. This strategy is sure to help students enrolled at the online MBA program in taking up a beneficial approach for tasting success with online learning.

About the author: Robert Williams is a pioneer in delivering knowledge about distance learning. He offers an insightful approach at Online MBA programs that have seen a new light under the influence of online learning system.

IPad 2 Inches Towards Educational Needs

Apple’s iPad has captivated the attention of educators since its inception with the attractive possibility of ever-expanding learning applications and highly portable hardware. This focused attention generated a lot of feedback from educators, which Apple seems to have taken to heart in designing the second generation of the popular tablet. As educator use of the iPad 2 increases, so do the reviews vaunting its usefulness in revolutionizing today’s educational media approaches.

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