Audio Book Resources

Children listening to books

There are so many benefits of using children’s audio books. With new advances in technology it is good to understand what resources are available and what devices you can use these with.
There are many resources for children’s books that can be read online or transferred to a portable on-the-go type system.  Audio books are great in the car, in the evening when children are going to bed, to support that book report that needs to be completed for struggling readers…   As The Story Home puts it, “you will find all the ways to bring stories to your active lifestyle, allowing you and your children to access quality listening entertainment during cross town errands, vacation trips, commutes, in waiting rooms and that very special quiet time before sleep. Whether you need a soothing journey, a magic moment, or a bit of wisdom, The Story is always just a click away.”
Children can actually “read” audio books online, in many cases, at no charge. The activity helps develop listening skills and can increase comprehension and reasoning ability, not to mention increasing site word recognition when accompanied by the text. Think how powerful it could be if parents listen with their children. Parents can provide questioning to help their kids learn to predict what will happen next, review the sequence of events in the plot, and examine the reasons a character acted the way he/she did. All of these skills are valuable academic skills.
Stories are accessible online through free downloads or streaming audio. Free audio downloads can be burned to a CD and played in the car, or on personal CD players. Free MP3s can be downloaded to iPods/iDevices to be taken anywhere.
Read on to find places for free audio books for kids online: Glenda’s Assistive Technology Information and more…: Audio Book Resources.

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