Arizona schools flipping homework, lectures

It happened all the time to Katia Molina. A teacher would explain how to solve a math problem in class and give her practice problems to take home.
“I’d get to my house, go to do it and I don’t remember,” said Katia, 14.
Things changed in a big way this year when Katia entered her eighth-grade algebra class at Willis Junior High School in Chandler. Instead of doing practice problems at home, she does them in class, with her teacher’s help. Instead of hearing a lecture at school, she hears one at home, on Internet video.
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“If I don’t get it, I just stop it,” Katia said about watching the teacher explain how to solve a math problem. Katia can replay the video, take notes and send her teacher questions for the next day’s class.
Katia’s teacher, Michael Schultz, is one of a growing number of teachers across the country who are embracing an innovation called the “flipped classroom,” which reverses the traditional roles of classwork and homework.
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