Apple Watch: The Styles
After a long and somewhat arduous period of rumour, conjecture and hype, Apple Inc’s first fully-fledged smartphone, the Watch, began shipping on April 24th earlier this year. The device is the newest in wearable technology, brimming with features, capabilities and endless reasons to say ‘wow’, but what about the stylings of the product? According to Apple, there are 2 million appearance combinations users can choose for the product, but with what can one craft these combinations?
The first thing to bear in mind before we continue is that the Apple Watch isn’t all that ground-breaking as it’s being made out to be, so don’t design your device under the assumption that it’s going to replace your smartphone, it’s not. For the vast majority of purposes; Facebook, calls, browsing, shopping online; you will need to use a smartphone, linking to your wearable when possible. This means no gaming on sites like too; the screen of the Watch is rather small, and although there may be games released of the wearable sort soon, we won’t be spinning roulette wheels on the Watch’s face any time soon! But nevertheless…
Faces, Alloys
The most important part of your Watch is likely to be the watch itself. When it comes to sizes Apple is supplying two, sized at 38mm (height) and 42mm accordingly. Having the smaller model won’t impact the experience massively, but perhaps consider the larger if you are a power user or have large fingers.
Next, the alloys that clad the Watch itself. Here you can choose from Stainless Steel, Silver Aluminium, Space Black Stainless Steel and Space Gray Aluminium; or choose from the two more luxurious (and far more expensive) 18-Karat Rose, or Yellow, Gold covers. Whilst we’d all love a little gold on our wrists, it’s definitely important to bear in mind that bestowing your Watch with the Midas touch will cost upwards of $10,000!
The display of the device can also be heavily customised. From traditional watch faces to more funky, playful designs, colours, design elements and interfaces can all be continually customised, and it’s very likely that a plethora of subsequent designs will be released as the product matures.
Finally, the band of the watch itself. Here, you can choose from traditional metal linked bracelets, ergonomic sports bands, leather loops, classic and modern buckles and finally a sleek Milanese Loop, all of these bands being completely interchangeable and modular in their outfitting. Doing some running? Use a sportier band. Going out to dinner or attending an event? Classier, chiq metal might be your purview.
With so many customisation options available, there’s all manner of ways for Watch owners to put their own stamp on their personal device. Which designs appeal to you most? Let us know your thoughts below.

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