An Increase in Online Courses and Degrees

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The flexibility of online education allows students of all ages to pursue a degree or diploma at their pace. In 2011, over six million students were reported to have taken at least one course of study online. Online schooling allows professionals to accomplish their educational goals while continuing their career. Students have the option of going to school full-time or part-time and take as many courses as their own schedule will allow. In addition, students in an online degree program can save time and money by completing courses at home instead of traveling to and from traditional classes.
A survey conducted at the end of 2010 among community college students reported that 61 percent of students took online courses. Time restraints made dropping out of school more likely for older individuals, those with full-time employment and married individuals. In addition, students with one or more children would often find full-time schooling difficult to balance with their everyday activities. Only 15 percent of those surveyed reported that they dropped out or considered dropping out during the first semester due to the inability to balance home life, work and school successfully.
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