Advertisers Will Underwrite Free Degrees

Student with money pouring out of a laptop
An online degree-granting institution called World Education University, set to open this fall, plans to try an advertiser-driven model to support its free content.
“Any Silicon Valley start-up will tell you that if you can drive enough eyeballs to your Web site, you can find ways to leverage that and monetize it,” said Scott Hines, the university’s chief executive. “We’re very transparent to students. They understand that their education is being underwritten generally through advertisers.”
Advertisers will pay for students to answer survey questions related to their products. For example, students may be asked a question like “Are you a runner?” when they log into the learning-management system. If a student checks “yes,” he or she will thereafter see ads for a certain brand of running shoes on the home page.
So do you think this will work? Will they generate enough income? Do you allow advertising on your LMS? Tell us in the comments
Full Text: At New Online University, Advertisers Will Underwrite Free Degrees – Wired Campus – The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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