A Simple Way Teachers Can Learn To Make Apps

8 iBooks Author

If you wish to create a multi-touch iOS app for the iPhone or iPad, then you will need to know how to use xCode Apple development software and the programming language Objective-C. While this is a bold endeavor, it is a massive time and learning commitment that most teachers can’t make.
The average teacher with a creative idea for an app that supports learning may never see it come to fruition due to lack of know-how or lack of resources to invest in its development. Enter iBooks Author.
iBooks Author is Apple’s standard for e-publishing. It is free in the Mac app store and is everything but ‘standard’ when it comes to delivering a polished interactive iBook. The WYSIWYG interface makes it easy to drag and drop text, images, media, and interactive elements on to it’s pages and export a multi-touch book with a push of a button.
While digital books may not be the app envisioned by the teacher, they offer an ‘app-like’ feel of interaction and hold great potential for creating a dynamic learning experience that fosters multiple styles of learning.
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