A great teacher workflow: Evernote + Skitch on iPad

My classroom at school is now kitted out with an Apple TV and an Airport Express (Father Christmas did eventually deliver!) so I can wirelessly mirror my iPad onto my board at the front of the room. This has really got me thinking about the joy of untethering from my IWB, but also threw up some questions about my workaday apps for getting stuff on the board for my students.
I was looking at my collection of drawing apps which I could use as a whiteboard space for outlining concepts and jotting ad hoc material. I have quite a few and tested them out as pseudo-whiteboards / slates. I don’t tend to do lots of Keynote style presentations and like to have a more freeform set of tools. I came to a free app from Evernote which I hadn’t previously used much, called Skitch.
via eLearning Laura.

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