5 Ways To Use Graphics In eLearning Scenarios

Man standing in front of a bookcase

People learn through experience and one of the best ways to transmit experience is through stories.
Once you’ve been sold on the value of stories and scenarios for learning, you need to consider the best ways to visualize these stories. How can the images draw people in and make the story more meaningful?
Most stories and scenarios feature characters in varied situations. Fortunately, people find pictures of other people compelling, particularly faces.
When using character images in an eLearning scenario or story, try to display a new picture for every new action in the storyline. This keeps things moving along.
Here are some approaches I like to use. Please share your favorite approaches at the end.
Full Text: 5 Ways To Use Graphics In eLearning Scenarios: The eLearning Coach: Instructional Design and eLearning.

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