Educause Quarterly

U-Pace: Facilitating Academic Success for All Students

By Diane M. Reddy, Raymond Fleming, Laura E. Pedrick, Katie A. Ports, Jessica L. Barnack-Tavlaris, Alicia M. Helion, and Rodney A. Swain

Cyber Peer-Led Team Learning (cPLTL): Development and Implementation

By Kevin Mauser, John Sours, Julianna Banks, Randy Newbrough, Tom Janke, Lorie Shuck, Lin Zhu, Gina Ammerman, and Pratibha Varma-Nelson

Creating a Learning Flow: A Hybrid Course Model for High-Failure-Rate Math Classes

By Katherine Stevenson and Louis Zweier

Lessons Learned from Adopting Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning in Oman

By David S. Porcaro and Ali S. Al Musawi

Creating an Online Global Health Course and Game

By Brent A. Anders, Deborah J. Briggs, Shalin Hai-Jew, Zachary Caby, and Mary Werick

Pedagogy and Space: Empirical Research on New Learning Environments

By J. D. Walker, D. Christopher Brooks, and Paul Baepler

Clicker Implementation Models

By Peter J.T. White, David G. Delaney, David Syncox, Oscar Avila Akerberg, and Brian Alters

Perceptions of Presentation Capture in Counselor Education

By Robert Gibson and Ann Miller

The Kansas State University Human Nutrition (HN 400) Flexbook

By Brian L. Lindshield and Koushik Adhikari

A Study of Four Textbook Distribution Models

By Benjamin Graydon, Blake Urbach-Buholz, and Cheryl Kohen


The Student Success Plan: Case Management and Intervention Software

By Russ Little

The Blended Learning Toolkit: Improving Student Performance and RetentionVital

By Thomas B. Cavanagh

Next Generation Learning Challenge: Simulating Teaching

By David Gibson and Stacy Kruse

Harnessing the Power of Technology, Openness, and Collaboration

By Josh Baron and Kim Thanos

Open Educational Resources: The Bridge to Success Project

By David Lascu

Mobile-Enhanced Inquiry-Based Learning: A Collaborative Study

By Cynthia Powell, Scott Perkins, and Scott Hamm with Rob Hatherill, Louise Nicholson, and Dwayne Harapnuik

Using Multi-Node Tools for Student Success in Non-Major Science Classes

By Kristin Redington Bennett and A. Daniel Johnson

The Phased Triangulation Evaluation Model (PTEM)

By David R. Lavoie

Web Video: Old Rules, No Rules, or New Rules?

By Peter J. Fadde and Patricia Sullivan

Bridging Old and New: Video Guides to Assigned Readings

By Richard F. Olivo

Evaluating Student Writing with Adobe Acrobat Pro

By Jenny Crisp

GGrading: Digital Grading with Google Apps

By Michael Livingston

The Syllabus and a 21st Century Education

By Rey Rosales



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