108 Ways to Use Word Clouds in the Classroom

Word Cloud

I am amazed every time I talk to groups and find out so many educators have not used word clouds with their students. In fact I am so sure that you will enjoy this topic I have come up with 108 ways to use word clouds in the classroom. I have tried to include almost every subject. These are a collection of ideas shared with me, various readings, and a lot of my own brainstorming. I know this will be an article you wish to share with others. In order to better understand some of the advanced uses I suggest you may wish to read Part One of this series entitled, 12 Valuable Wordle Tips You Must Read. I am certain you will find at least one new idea… and again please give a retweet. By the way… have an idea I have not listed? Then just take a moment and leave a comment…. I thank you in advance. Let’s explore those word clouds!
Full Text: 108 Ways to Use Word Clouds in the Classroom…Word Clouds in Education Series: Part 2 | 21 st Century Educational Technology and Learning.

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